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May 15

Santa clara california

May 22

Bonn Germany

May 29

Tokyo, japan

In this migration workshop, you will learn how to design a migration strategy to help your customers migrate their on-premises Windows and SQL workloads to Azure using the guidance provided by Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure. This will include the migration of virtual and physical services as well as databases. You will learn about the different assessment and migration tools available to for your use during the migration process. You will also learn how to optimize, secure and govern the workloads once migrated to Azure.


Part 1 - Accelerate Migration with Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure

Attend this module 1 of Azure Migration and Security to learn how to streamline the processes and materials required for aligning an overall migration effort. We also discussed about the methodologies of the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure that provide the underlying framework that can be used to accelerate migrations to the cloud.

Part 2 - Assessing the on-premise workloads and migrating VMs and Databases

In this module you will learn how to use the migration guidance from CAF and use the Azure native tools like Azure Migrate and will take a lift-and-shift migration approach to rehost bulk VMs and database workloads from on-premise to Azure.

Part 3 - Implementing post migration optimization and Governance

After having migrated the on-premise data, databases and applications to Azure, you will learn how optimize the migrated workloads to implement governance and compliance using the built-in features provided within Azure.

Part 4 - Implementing Security pillar using Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel

In this module 4 of the course you will learn how to implement security, management and XDR capabilities provided by Azure that can be used to monitor and secure the migrated workloads.

Post-training Skills Assessment

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