Microsoft Copilot Studio lets you create powerful ​AI-powered copilots for a range of requests—from providing simple answers to common questions to resolving issues requiring complex conversations. ​ Learn how you can build and extend these copilots, boot their capabilities with AI and extend them to perform actions, and provide answers for your copilot users.


Creating bots with Microsoft Copilot Studio​

In this module, you will learn about Microsoft Copilot Studio overview, working with environments​, creating bots and working with the Microsoft Copilot Studio interface​, working with bot topics​, Creating and editing topics using Copilot​, working with system fallback topics​, managing topics​, use cases​, planning for bots​, designing your bot with effective topics, Topic authoring best practices in Copilot Studio, Testing and Publishing bots in Copilot Studio​

Working with entities, variables and Generative AI in Copilot Studio​

In this module, you will learn about Working with entities​, Custom entities​, using entities and slot filling in conversations​, working with variables​, Reuse variables across topics​, boosting a chatbot with expanded natural language understanding (NLU), Introduction to Generative answers in Copilot Studio​, Using Azure OpenAI on your data for generative answers​, using uploaded documents for generative answers (preview), Using a custom data source for generative answers, Introduction to AI models in Microsoft Copilot Studio

Extending and managing Microsoft Copilot Studio copilots​

In this module, you will learn about Managing Bots in Microsoft Copilot Studio​, Using Power Automate to add actions​, extend copilots with plugins​, administering analytics and managing security of the chatbots, analyzing bot performance​, transferring conversations to agents by using Omnichannel for Customer Service​, Personal data requests for Power Virtual Agents​, Microsoft Copilot Studio plugin architecture​, Responsible AI for Microsoft Copilot Studio

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