This workshop is for IT Pros and administrators who will be deploying and configuring Teams Premium features. Teams Premium is an add-on license that provides the various enhancements to Teams. In this workshop you will learn how to configure the Teams Premium features.


Enabling Advanced Meetings with Microsoft Teams Premium

In this Module, you will learn about Advanced Meeting features of Teams Premium​, Teams Deployment Overview​, Configuring Protected Meetings with additional feature to safeguard meetings, Sensitivity Labels and Watermarking​, End-to-end Encryption​, Customizing meetings with meetings templates, themes and more​, Using Teams meeting templates, sensitivity labels and admin policies and restricting recordings​, AI-powered Teams Premium meeting features.

Enabling Enhanced events and Virtual Appointment experiences with Teams Premium

In this Module, you will learn about Understanding Webinars, and Live Events in Teams​, Setting up Webinars and meeting policy for Webinars​, Configuring settings for Advanced Virtual Appointments​, Microsoft Teams Virtual Appointments usage reporting and activity reporting.

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