Transform your field operations and increase customer experience with IoT, AI, and machine learning. In this workshop you will learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service solution that is powered by next generation AI, IoT and mixed reality to empower frontline technicians and optimize field service operations. You will learn how Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service can help simplify the field processes for customer, dispatcher, frontline technician and field service manager.


Dynamics 365 Field Service capabilities and Connected Field Service IoT

IN this module you will learn about Market challenges​, Dynamics 365 Field Service capabilities-overview​, AI differentiator with Dynamics 365 Copilot​, Enhancing Field Service with IoT​, Connecting IoT devices​, IoT provider for custom IoT solutions​, Connected Field Service with IoT Hub – Architecture​, Working with IoT Devices​ and Analyzing IoT Data

Integration with Remote Assist and D365 Guides

In this module, you will learn Collaborating in mixed reality with Field Service, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, and HoloLens​, Creating and scheduling work orders​, viewing work orders and triggering Dynamics 365 Remote Assist from the Field Service mobile app​, making a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist call​, Posting Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Call to work order​, setting up and viewing Field Service bookings on HoloLens​ and Dynamics 365 Guides integration with Field Service

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