One of the four Microsoft Cloud solution areas, Business Applications provides purpose-built applications to help customers manage specific business functions including: sales, customer service, field service, finance and operations, and talent. Join this bootcamp for the following insights: 1. Strategies for building an ongoing partnership focused on your customer’s continued digital transformation 2. How to sell the value of Business Applications and lead with business outcomes 3. Understand the "Why Microsoft" differentiators and cross-selling opportunities 4. Explore relevant value propositions, conversation starters, objection-handling, opportunity identification, and sales resources


Module 1

In this Module you will learn about Low Code Deep Dive- wide innovation Customer Example

Module 2

In this Module, you will learn about Customer Experience Deep Dive- Sales Acceleration Customer Example/Partner Showcase and Service - Modernization Customer Example.

Module 3

In this Module, you will learn about Supply Chain Deep Dive- Modernization Customer Example/Partner Showcase and Finance Deep Dive- Product & Service-centric orgs Customer Example

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