As more business data is being accessed away from locations outside of the traditional corporate network, security has become an overriding concern. Organizations need to understand how they can best protect their data, regardless of where it's accessed from and whether it sits on their corporate network, or in the cloud. Join this bootcamp for the following insights: 1. Driving digital transformation with the Microsoft Cloud 2. The value of Microsoft Security solutions 3. Leading with business outcomes anchored on zero trust. 4. Learning how to solve customer challenges. 5. Differentiators & cross-selling opportunities 6. Available partner sales resources


Module 1

In this Module, you will learn how to position MSFT security platform End-to-End to security decision makers while leveraging MSFT programs to create and close opportunities.

Module 2

In this Module, you will learn how to use M365 value calculator to boost opportunity value and Securing SMB Customers

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