Microsoft al partner training roadshow

Experience the power of Al to transform business

May 15

Santa clara california

May 22

Bonn Germany

May 29

Tokyo, japan

Microsoft Azure is a continually expanding set of cloud services that help organizations meet current and future business challenges. With Azure, customers have the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive global network using their favorite tools and frameworks. Join this bootcamp for the following insights: 1. Driving Digital Transformation with the Microsoft Cloud 2. How Microsoft Azure solves customer challenges and drives business outcomes 3. How to win with Microsoft Azure sales plays and put them into action 4. Growing your average revenue per customer and extending your opportunities through cross-selling 5. Leveraging cloud economics to win decision makers. 6. Available partner sales resources


Module 1

In this module You will learn about Winning Data and Digital transformation Engagements with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, Windows Server/SQL Server Migration to Azure Customer Propensity, Analytics Solution Play Overview and Partner GTM Resources

Module 2

In this module You will learn about Azure for Industry, App Innovation Solution Plays Overview and Partner GTM Resources, Intelligent Data Platform – The Role of Managed Databases, Infra Solution Plays Overview and Partner GTM Resources

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