In this workshop, we will learn about the concept of Zero Trust security model, as well as the New Microsoft Entra suite of products. We will learn about the features that Microsoft Entra provides for unified identity management and secure collaborative access. We will discuss how to manage access to resources for hybrid identities and external identities. Risks and how they are remediated using Microsoft Entra Identity Protection, we will also learn about Governance areas like Entitlement management, Identity lifecycle management, Internet and Private access. We will also explore the Permissions management features in Microsoft Entra and how to enable and configure permissions management and Workload identities in your organization’s tenant.


Managing Identity in Microsoft Entra​

in this module, you will learn about Unfolding Zero Trust​, what is Microsoft Entra​, Unified identity management with Microsoft Entra, Types of identities​, Identity Sync Options​, Microsoft Entra Connect Sync and Microsoft Entra Cloud Sync​, Microsoft Entra Connect Health, Combined security information registration [MFA + SSPR], Microsoft Entra roles and role-based access control (RBAC)

Protecting Identities with Microsoft Entra ID Protection

In this module, you will learn about Detecting, investigating​ and Remediating Identity risks​, Roles and License requirements​, Conditional Access Overview, Microsoft Entra ID Protection​, Plan an Identity Protection deployment​ and Managing External identities.

Managing Governance and Access with Microsoft Entra​​

In this module, you will learn about Microsoft Entra ID Governance Overview​, Identity lifecycle management​, Entitlement management​, what is Global Secure Access​, Configuring Microsoft Entra Internet Access Preview​ and Configuring Microsoft Entra Private Access

Managing Permissions and Workload Identity Solutions with Microsoft Entra​​

In this module, you will learn about Microsoft Entra Permissions Management​, Enabling Permissions Management, configure settings for data collection​, viewing risk metrics in your authorization system​, Remediating and monitoring permissions​.

Overview of Workload Identities

In this module, you will learn about Configuring Workload Identities​, Securing Workload Identities and Conditional Access for Workload Identities

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