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May 15

Santa clara california

May 22

Bonn Germany

May 29

Tokyo, japan

Help organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences and realize the value of a truly connected customer journey by unifying and enriching customer data to orchestrate meaningful journeys. In this training you will learn to implement Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, from ingesting and standardizing customer data, to unifying profiles, enabling business users to create segments, unlocking insights and enabling real-time marketing to deliver personalized experiences. Discover the next-generation features that leverage AI innovation to further drive increased productivity, customer engagement and long-term brand loyalty.


Introduction to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and ingesting data ​ ​

In this module, you will learn about The Problem with Customer Data, Solving the Problem with Customer Insights​, Product and Solution Architecture​, setting up your environment to get started​, Ingesting data from different data sources​, Enrichment for data sources (preview)​, Real-time data ingestion (preview)​ and Handling ingestion errors.

Customer Data Unification, Segments and Measures​

In this module, you will learn about ​Data Unification process overview​, selecting source fields for data unification​, Removing duplicates​, Using match conditions and including enriched tables, Unifying customer fields and reviewing​, Reviewing Common Data model, tables, relationships​, Creating and managing segments​, Suggested segments, Getting insights on existing segments, Creating and managing measures​ and Business unit data separation

Working with Enrichment, Profiles, Activities, Exports and predicting data with AI

In this module, you will learn about Data enrichment (preview) overview​, Enriching customer profiles with M365 data (preview)​, Brands and Interests (preview)​, Enriching other customer data​, Viewing customer profiles​, Defining customer activities​, Using consent management​, Using Copilot in Customer Insights (preview)​, Setting up and managing Exports (preview)​, Teams bot for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (preview)​, Connecting to Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI (preview)​, Creating and managing predictions​ and Prediction use cases,

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