Microsoft al partner training roadshow

Experience the power of Al to transform business

May 15

Santa clara california

May 22

Bonn Germany

May 29

Tokyo, japan

Learn to leverage the power of Microsoft App, Data and AI solutions to modernize and build intelligent apps focusing on internal business critical applications and external customer facing applications.


Introduction to AI Apps​

In this module, you will learn about the Azure AI Services​​, Responsible AI​​, Well-Architected Framework​​, DevOps and Security​

DevOps with GitHub

In this module, you will learn on how to Plan ​ Deliver​​, Test​​, Operate and Secure​

Building and deploying apps on Azure​

In this Module, you will learn about Azure App Service​​, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)​​ and Azure Functions​

Azure Data Services

In this Module, you will learn about Azure SQL Database​ and Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Globally distributed databases

In this Module, you will learn about Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB, Choosing the appropriate API​, Data Modeling​ and Partitioning

Azure AI Services

IIn this Module you will Learn about Azure AI Services and Use cases, Speech services​, Language services​, Vision​, Decision: Anomaly Detector​, and Decision: Content Safety.

Azure OpenAI Service

In this Module, you will learn the Key concepts and models​, Prompt Engineering​, Embeddings and filtering​, Codex and code generation.

Well-Architected Framework

In this Module, you will learn about Reliability, Security, Cost optimization, Operational Excellence and Performance Efficiency


In this Module, you will learn about Azure Key Vault​, Authentication and authorization with Azure AD (Entra ID)

Post-training Skills Assessment

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Course Completion Survey

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